Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Help Give Your Ohio Air Conditioner a Long Life

If you own a home or small business or a home in Westerville, Ohio, it is recommended that you schedule regular maintenance to increase the longevity of an air conditioner. When the air conditioner is serviced, the cooling system will not have to work hard to keep the house cool. The home will be more comfortable. Also, the electric bills will be lower when the unit is operating efficiently.

Why Does the Air Conditioner Need Maintenance?

Without regular maintenance, the components will not function properly. The condenser coil is a critical part of every air conditioner. The cooling system will malfunction when the coil is dirty. The air conditioner will not blow cold air. Thus, the issue will affect the other components in the cooling system.

What is a Condenser Coil?

The condenser coils are in the outdoor part of the cooling system. The refrigerant removes heat from the home, and the heat is turned into gas. It moves to the condenser coils. The refrigerant gas is cooled when it passes over the coils. The gas changes into a liquid, and it recirculates back into the home.

What Happens to the Cooling System When the Condenser Coils Are Dirty?

Condenser coils get dirty when they are cooling the refrigerant. Debris from the outside air is absorbed into the cooling system. The debris accumulates, and it puts a strain on the air conditioner. The home will have higher electric bills, and the home will be too warm in the summer. The unit will stop producing cool air when the coils cannot convert the gas into a liquid. The compressor might overheat, and the cooling system will malfunction.

How to Maximize the Lifespan of the Cooling System?

Ideally, the condenser coils should be cleaned before the summer months. Coil cleaning is included with a routine maintenance service. Keeping debris away from the cooling system will prevent many common cooling issues. The technician can also clean the evaporator coils. The evaporator coils are in the indoor part of the cooling system. If they are dirty, the particles can reduce the cooling system’s efficiency. A good air filter will keep the evaporator coils clean. Schedule an air conditioning maintenance appointment today.