HVAC Upgrades and Increasing Home Value in Westerville, Ohio

Add Home Equity Through HVAC Upgrades

Preparing a home for the market usually requires renovations for both practical and aesthetic reasons. It adds value to the property in preparation of a sale. One upgrade that would be smart is an investment in your HVAC system.

Why Invest in My Home HVAC

Updating the HVAC system will give the property true market appeal. Home shoppers who see an in-need-of-work HVAC system may not walk away, but the matter could become a point of contention in negotiations.

What to Consider

How old is your system? If less than a decade, it has a good life ahead of it. Anything installed in that time is unlikely to affect market value. Get a pro to check it out and ensure the HVAC’s operating optimally. If it is not, you have a decision to make. If the repairs are not too costly, go for it. Or multiply the unit’s age by repair cost. If your total’s more than $5,000, it’d be better to completely replace the HVAC.

If the system’s older than 15 years, consider replacing it.

Energy-efficient HVAC Units

A device both cost saving and eco-friendly will be popular. The US Green Building Council and energy.gov says homes with energy-efficient HVACs tend to have a higher selling value (between five and eight percent) than homes without them.

If the device is too big or small, make the upgrade. Buyers who want to save money will love the idea. And your state may offer a tax break for property with energy-efficient HVACs.

Upgrade Options

The list below offers a series of upgrade ideas for the HVAC. These are basic steps you can take that easily increase property value and make your home competitive on the market. Keep in mind the current condition of your existing HVAC unit and the budget you are willing to apply to the venture.

• Insulation: The investment is considered low risk with a return that yields 95 to 116 percent.

Furnace/Boiler: Swapping out old to new heating appliances improves efficiency and attracts buyers.

• Ductwork: Deterioration reduces HVAC efficiency and replacing it improves air quality and recommended cleanliness.

• Windows: Windows should be as highly insulated as your walls.

• Roofs: A well insulated roof relieves strain on the system.

Central Air: It could cost a pretty penny, but an installation can pump up home value by close to 10 percent.

Refreshed and upgraded surroundings always increase value. A well-heeled heating and cooling system won’t just make the home more comfortable; it'll attract buyers.

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