How to choose the right energy efficient air conditioning system for your home in Westerville, Ohio

Air conditioning is essential for any Ohio home, especially during those hot summer months. The comforting feeling of coming inside your cool home after meandering about in the summer heat is something anyone can relate to. Today, air conditioners are more efficient than ever, providing a new level of affordability the air conditioners of the past did not. Deciding on the best air conditioner for your home may seem overwhelming but it is necessary if you want to maximize your energy savings.

What are the best features to look for in an air conditioning unit?

There are some specific features to look for when considering what new air condition unit to purchase. This list will help narrow down the search.

Energy Star Certification: This certification means that that model of air conditioner has met or exceeded higher efficiency standards than other models of that type.

High EER and SEER ratings: These ratings measure a unit’s energy efficiency in BTU’s. The acronym EER stands for “energy efficiency rating” and SEER stands for “seasonal energy efficiency rating '' These ratings are very similar in nature and can be found for both central air and room units.

Energy-saving setting: This is a great feature to look for because it means that the unit will turn off the compressor and fan once your space has cooled down.

Wi-fi Enabled A/C: With wi-fi enabled a/c you can control your thermostat on the go, through your smartphone.

Choosing the right size air conditioner for your home

Selecting the right-sized air conditioning unit is critical to maximizing energy savings. The wrong-sized unit may over cool the space it is in and ultimately end up costing more. It is important to understand exactly how many BTUs are necessary for the square footage of a space. This is something our experts at Heating & Air Conditioning Systems can help you with, so don’t worry about making this decision without a professional.

Types of Air Conditioner Models

There are two main types of air conditioner models, split air conditioners, and packaged A/C systems. Split air conditioners have an exterior compressor and an internal fan. Packaged air conditioners also known as central air, are installed as a dual-heating and cooling system (HVAC). If the home already has central air, then it is most affordable to remain with the same system. Window units, inverted air conditioners, and solar air conditioners are other options to consider.

The key to selecting the best air conditioner is research. Knowing exactly what is right for an individual's space will make the process of buying a new air conditioner seamless. We invite you to contact us today to discuss your home or small business’s air conditioning system with our professionals.